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Our goal at is to provide product specific chemical websites that are Easy to Find, Easy to Order, and Easy to Remember. is exactly that. All of our Glycerin at is Vegetable based Glycerin. is the largest online online chemical promoter of Glycerin.

Here at Buy Glycerin USP our Glycerin is high in viscosity and is colorless and sweet tasting. It has a high boiling point and freezes as a paste. The most common uses are in soap and other beauty products like lotions. Although, it is common in many other applications.  Buy Glycerin online direct and save.  All products are in stock and ship within 24 hours.

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  All USP grade Glycerin Products are packaged to USP requirements and are safe for Food, Beverage, and Medical Applications.
What is glycerin UPS?
A water clear, odorless, viscous liquid with a sweet taste, glycerin is derived from both natural and petrochemical feed stocks. It occurs in combined form (triglycerides) in all animal fats and vegetable oils and constitutes, on average,about 10 percent of these materials.

Glycerin is obtained from fats and oils during soap and fatty acid production and by transesterification (an interchange of fatty acid groups with another alcohol). It is subsequently concentrated and purified prior to commercial sale. Synthetic glycerin is produced from petrochemical building blocks via several processing steps designed to achieve the desired concentration and high product quality.

How safe is glycerin UPS to use?
In all applications, whether as a reactant or as an additive, the virtual non-toxicity and overall safety of glycerin is always of significant benefit. Glycerin applications appear to be limited only by the imagination and creativity of the scientific and technical communities.

Glycerin USP is added in different food preparations. It serves as thickener for syrups, jams, and vanilla flavoring. Ice cream also uses this versatile alcohol as texturizer while minimizing its need for sugar. Dried fruits are treated with glycerin to maintain their softness while it is added to leaves to prevent dryness. It gives pliability to meat casings and food wrappers. Glycerin is used as base for toothpaste to add gloss while maintaining smoothness.

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Glycerin USP
Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher - 1 Gallon
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Vegetable Glycerin USP
Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher - 5 Gallons
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Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher - 55 Gallons - Free Shipping!!!
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FREE SHIPPING - Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher - 55 Gallons

What does the UPS mean?
The abbreviation USP stands for United States Pharmacopeia, a document first published in 1820 by the Medical Society of New York State. Recognized as official by Congress in 1848, this document was used as a standard reference by physicians for prescribing medicines. Today, the USP includes chemical descriptions, identifying tests, and purity tests, primarily for active ingredients. All materials listed in the USP are considered drugs by law and subject to all the U.S. Food & Drug Administration requirements pertaining to drugs. Labeling a product or a substance as USP implies that it conforms to all the legal requirements of the FDA and that it was produced in accordance with the principles outlined in FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). What differentiates USP and food-grade glycerin from technical grade glycerin? Glycerin USP is closely regulated by the FDA in all aspects of manufacturing, testing, inspection, distribution, and warehousing. Glycerin USP is subject to FDA rules requiring registration and listing, and glycerin FCC as well as USP are also subject to Good Manufacturing Practices, a series of appropriate procedures prescribed by FDA, while the technical grade is not under such regulatory control. FDA requires all domestic owners or operators of all establishments that manufacture or process glycerin USP to register and list, unless specifically exempted (21CFR §207.20).

For glycerin USP of foreign origin, the foreign manufacturer and the importer share the responsibility of FDA compliance (21CFR§207.4). The Agency’s definition of "manufacturer" includes the original producer as well as re-packagers and/or distributors(21CFR§207.4). Additional information on drug registration and listing instructions is available from the FDA. Further, under FDA regulations, the quality and purity of USP and FCC glycerin products must be supported by systematic and complete record keeping on the part of the manufacturer. For example, every shipment of USP and FCC glycerin must be referenced to a lot number, which permits tracing back to the plant in which the product was produced. These requirements are designed to assure a level of product integrity that cannot be achieved strictly by reliance only on physical and chemical testing. Technical grades of glycerin, on the other hand, are not subject to the same FDA regulatory oversight. Although produced by similar processes, the technical grades of glycerin do not have to comply with USP and FCC requirements or with FDA regulations. This quality grade of glycerin must conform only to the specifications and terms agreed upon in the transaction between buyer and seller. 

What are the uses of glycerin UPS?
Glycerin, whether recovered from triglycerides or synthesized, is principally used as a highly refined and purified product, with a very high concentration of glycerol. Glycerol, the main component of glycerin, has the chemical formula C3H5(OH)3. It is a trihydric alcohol, possessing two primary and one secondary hydroxyl groups, which are its potential reaction sites and the basis for glycerin’s versatility as a chemical raw material. For example, glycerol esters, the reaction products of glycerin with various fatty acids form an important class of derivatives that are extensively used in the food industry. The physical properties and characteristics of glycerin are as significant as its chemical properties for many applications. These qualities enable glycerin to be used as a humectant, plasticizer, emollient, thickener, solvent, dispersing medium, lubricant, sweetener, bodying agent, antifreeze, and processing aid.

Where do I buy glycerin UPS?
You can buy online here at USP Vegetable Glycerin of ChemWorld. Our stocks are manufactured to US FDA standards. All products featured on site are in stock and ready to be shipped within 24 hours. Our Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin is Glycerin USP.


At all our Glycerin USP is packaged and stored in food regulated facilities. For more information, please call us direct at 800-658-7716.

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